Ritu Arya Borrowed A Trick From Angelina Jolie To Prep For The Umbrella Academy  

Ritu Arya gives an incredible performance as the adventurous assassin Lila Pitts in The Umbrella Academy.

Lila's mischievous demeanor, cynical outlook,

and choppy bangs are very similar to Angelina Jolie's character in Girl,

Interrupted, and it's no secret that Jolie prepared for her role.

Girl, Interrupted" might seem like a strange source of inspiration for Arya.

The Umbrella Academy is her playful sci-fi series about a time-traveling superhero,

and Girl, Interrupted is set in the women's ward of a psychiatric hospital.

Speaking to Brieftake, Arya describes her Umbrella Academy character as "crazy, 

This description also applies to Jolie's "Interrupted Girl" character Lisa.