Lea Michele Joins TikTok and Recreates Hilarious Video About Her Starring in Broadway's 'Funny Girl'

Lea Michele hasn't taken a COVID break since her funny girl is lying down.

I posted my first video a few days after announcing that it wouldn't.

And it's a hilarious nod to her lead role.

In a duet with another of her TikTok users, she lip-syncs

along to her voice and sings the show's theme song, "Don't Rain.

" on My Parade”, interrupted by loud applause.

The actress reposted the video to her Instagram account with the caption, "She's on TikTok.

" 's TikTok wasn't far from reflecting her truth, as her first night on Michele's stage was filled with applause.

She received a total of four standing ovations before Act 1 ended.