‘Avatar 2’ Tops ‘Spider-Man’ Sequel As 6th Highest Grossing Film

Avatar: The Way of Water will inevitably sail past $2 billion at the box office 

But first, James Cameron’s blockbuster sequel had a different record to break on the all-time charts 

Today The Avatar sequel replaces Marvel Studio’s Spider-Man: No Way Home as the 6th highest grossing film in history. 

Avatar: The Way of Water topping Spider-Man: No Way Home’s fifth weekend take, $40 million to $24+ million 

Avatar: The Way of Water has steadily and quickly climbed up the box office charts, from $500 million to $1 billion 

James Cameron’s sci-fi sequel to the 2009 box office juggernaut Avatar started strong out the gate in December 

Avatar: The Way of Water faces only those films with totals north of the $2 billion mark.