Ric Flair On Match Vince McMahon Stopped – “He Was Furious


Ric Flair On Match Vince McMahon Stopped – “He Was Furious

It was back in 1992 when Vince McMahon, while at the time not known as the supervisor of the organization to the general population, raged to ringside and caused a WWE Championship match which was being recorded for Prime Time Wrestling to be halted.

The match, which was between champion Randy Savage and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, had a lot of external obstruction, which got under the skin of the then WWE Chairman.

Talking on his To Be The Man digital recording, Ric Flair has examined how McMahon could have done without how the match was playing and ensured things got changed.

He [Vince McMahon] could have done without all the impedance. It was two against one. He was angry about it. Terse [Hennig] was simply doing his thought process was – nothing Curt fouled up. It was only one of those circumstances, I spell almost certain doom for the night I simply don’t feel that individuals minded. Furthermore, I don’t think Randy [Savage] needed to lose the belt.

One McMahon had made himself clear, Ric Flair proceeded to overcome ‘The Macho Man’ which prompted a multi day rule as champion, prior to dropping the WWE Championship to Bret Hart.

Vince McMahon just resigned as Chairman of WWE in 2022, and as of late disclosed his most memorable appearance since the declaration to praise his birthday.

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